Signs to be aware of


There are several signs that we could pay attention to; signs that may signify the importance of a recent or a long-forgotten change in our life. Whether we are talking about children or adults, there are signs that are universal across all ages, and there are signs that are more specific to certain age groups, gender, occupation and so on. It is important to recognise signs but it is also important to understand them. For example, being tired after a long shift and not wanting to socialise because of the tiredness does not mean that we are isolating ourselves and we are depressed; it could ‘simply’ mean that we need some rest. However, if it happens more often than it is comfortable for us and/or it causes significant negative changes in our life, it may worth the time, energy and resources to investigate why it is like this, and how to deal with it. Whatever it is that we may be going through, it is okay to ask for help.

Below, there are a few examples to sings to be aware of:

Sleeping difficulties


Questioning One’s values

Lack of motivation

Feeling lost


Becoming argumentative

Feeling unhappy/low mood

Feeling helplessness

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling easily frustrated/angry

Feeling alone