Qualifications & Trainings


I started my psychology studies in 2011. I completed a bachelor (undergraduate) and master (graduate) degrees. I continue gaining experience through my therapeutic practice since then. To keep my professional knowledge up-to-date, I also regularly attend trainings and workshops.

To find out more about my studies and to see a list of some of the trainings I completed, please continue reading.


Master of Science degree in counselling psychology

After completing my bachelor degree, I wished to continue studying. To do so, I chose Keele University, England in 2015.

At Keele, I started studying about therapeutic interventions in more detail. I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge there. As part of the programme, I attended lectures, I practied as a student therapist and I completed my dissertation.

Bachelor of Science degree in psychology

I started my psychology studies at the University of Pécs, Hungary in 2011. Throughout my years there, I studied classical and contemporary theories of psychology and I learned how to conduct my own researches. I also received an Erasmus Scholarship to study one semester abroad.

The knowledge I gained at this university provided the foundation for my future studies.


University of Helsinki


During my bachelor degree, I was granted the Erasums Scholarship to study one semester as an exchange student at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

 At this university, I mainly studied social psychology. Spending a semester here further widened my professional and personal knowledge.


Further training

As part of my dedication to my profession, I regularly attend trainings and workshops. This is also a BACP requirement. These trainings help me further expanding my professional knowledge and to be aware of contemporary research findings.

Some of the trainings I attended are listed below.






  • Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health


  • Transactional Analysis 101


  • Skills Training Workshop in Dialectical Behavior Therapy


  • Level 3 Multi-Agency Training on Drug and Alcohol Awareness and the Impact on Children


  • Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity


  • Social Anxiety Masterclass


  • NSPCC Solution-Focused Practice Toolkit Orientation Workshop