Face-to-face sessions

As I mentioned it on the  Home page, studies have shown that therapy can be just as much effective online and over the telephone as in person. Some individuals prefer therapy face-to-face and some individuals choose to have therapy online or over the telephone. It depends on what you feel comfortable with.

Therapy in person has the advantage of you and me being present in the same room, and not depending on network and internet connections.

One difference between these therapeutic forms is that during face-to-face therapy, I can hand out certain questionnaires, informative leaflets or different tasks that require a physical material that you may not necessarily have (e.g. in art therapy), while during therapy online or over the telephone, these questionnaires and leaflets are ‘handed out’ electronically.

During the first session, I usually explain the nature of therapy and may provide a document that explains some important information that are good to know (e.g. about confidentiality and privacy policy), then we usually complete an assessment together. This helps me understand your situation and it also helps us to set the right goals, which is usually the next step. During the next sessions, we could also use facilitating therapeutic tools to ‘start off’ a session if needed (e.g. if someone is anxious or prefers me to ‘start off’ a session), to measure the effectiveness of therapy and to get closer to a desired goal. We may also use questionnaires.


As I mentioned it, there is no difference in efficacy between face-to-face therapy and therapy online or over the telephone. Below, you can read about what others think about this form of therapy.

Please note
, due to the COVID-19 situation, face-to-face sessions are possibly not going to be held for a while. This is a change that we can adapt to, just as we can also adapt to certain new ways of living (after all, we are already doing it). I hope to remove this COVID-19 part from my website relatively soon. In the meantime, thanks to technological advancements, there are alternatives: to find out about therapy online or over the telephone, please click here . You can also find general information at the FAQ section.

      Female, 33

Face to Face therapy provided a pleasant environment with a stranger, who was willing to listen to me in a safe non-judgemental environment. The first session was daunting as I did not know what to expect. However, after the first session I knew I had made a good decision of choosing to speak to someone. Seeing them face – to- face gave me the option to get out of the house and be in a different environment. The therapist office was set up in a relaxing manner and did not feel like the doctor’s office. They even offered me a cup of tea, water, and biscuits. I was still aware that they were not my friend, but it was nice to have a friendly face to speak to. As it was face to face, seeing the therapist nodding or smiling, reassured me that they were listening to me, there were no disruptions and it felt very private and secure. Even small things like knocking the door and someone opening the door was reassuring as I felt welcomed. Sometimes it feels like doors are closed when we need help, face to face therapy gives the metaphor that there is always someone willing to open the door and help us work through whatever challenges we may be facing.